How long until I get my book?

eBooks you will receive instantly upon payment. Paperbacks, we will do our best to process your order as fast as possible. Orders in the United States may take 1-2 weeks, where international orders may take 1-3 weeks. If you can't wait to get started reading the book, then we recommend the discounted package of the paperback and eBook.

I entered the wrong shipping address at checkout?

Oh no! If you entered the wrong shipping address at checkout; email us as soon as possible at If we haven’t already shipped the book, we can amend the address. If we’ve already shipped the book, there’s nothing we can do, sorry.

Shipping in the United States

All books are shipped from Los Angeles, California. Our domestic shipping costs are based on the cost of us shipping the package to you, including the cost of packaging and a small handling fee.

Shipping internationally

All books are shipped from the United States. We genuinely want to place this book in hands all around the world, but sadly, shipping internationally is expensive! To that end, we have absorbed $10 of this cost, which is reflected in a reduced international shipping rate. Shipping carriers inform us that orders to Europe can take 1-3 weeks to be delivered, and outside of Europe can take 1-4 weeks.

Custom duties on international orders

We have taken every step we can to declare what the package (we ship) contains, including its value and the appropriate “HS (Harmonized System) code”, which tells the custom officers in the receiving country how they should process it. It’s our understanding that books are usually not subject to duty charges, but we can't guarantee your country's customs won't charge you. If they do, the customer is responsible for paying any duty charges upon receipt. This sounds mean, but it's standard practice.

International duty charges are frustrating. We can’t get around them, but we can offer you a free eBook if you are charged. If this happens to you, please reach out to us at, send us your proof of customs charge and payment, and we'll send you a free eBook.